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Automated tank welding, growing line system. See video here:
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Are weld repair rates eating your profit? Shop floor space tight with no room to increase production? Want up to 3 times more weld productivity without adding to payroll? Introducing the MNC4-100 Portable Welding Manipulator by LJ Welding Automation. The MNC4 is purpose built for your ever changing job shop flow and in tight work spaces like this. The MNC4 Portable welding Manipulator isn`t a robot, but it will outperform human capabilities 100% of the time. The MNC4 is ideal for pipe shops dealing with 48" OD pipe or less. Is your workspaces as crowded as this? If yes, the MNC4 is the right piece of equipment for you. Optimizing your welding environment starts by requesting your free welding automation consultation today. Pair the MNC4 with LJ positioning equipment for a one-stop-shop production improvement solution. Typically set up with MIG welding system, or medium duty SAW packages. Reduce your welder fatigue. Get consistent, code quality welds. Increase your manual welding productivity by up to 3 times. It`s time to make your jobs more profitable. MNC4-100 Portable Welding Manipulator by LJ. Request your free welding automation consultation for your next project. Or visit us today at
Pipe turning rolls for heavy-duty pipe jointing: the 40TMR. The 40TMR has a 40 ton maximum capacity for pipe ranging from 24`` - 60`` OD. Simple controls fit up the workpiece with minimal effort for maximum output. Easy & quick alignment using rollers with hydraulically actuated idlers. The lateral track motion rail system brings the pipe sections together. This eliminates the need for wood cribbing, manual jacks and constant crane reconfiguration. Customer reported reduced fit-up times from multiple hours with two people, to a few minutes with one person....And reduced dependence on cranes, increased throughput and expanded capabilities in the shop. The Bottom Line: Customer reduced fit-up time from multiple hours with two people down to a several minutes with one person. Reduced dependence on cranes, increased throughput, and expanded capabilities in the shop. Have an upcoming project you`d like LJ to help with? Request a free consultation with one of our fabrication automation specialists below:[email protected]
A welding manipulator can be either open arc or submerged arc. A welding manipulator can be used to weld horizontally and vertically and is ideal for job shops as they are robust, have high production volume capacity and a greater degree of flexibility in product engineering. Welding manipulators are commonly used in pipe and vessel fabrication[3] but can be used in a cladding procedure with the aid of a proper welding fixture.
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